A new JazzHub. Is it just a change in the UI ? It’s not.

I noticed several UI changes in JazzHub. Is this just a change in the UI ? It’s not. Here is a sample change behind new JazzHub.

20140224-automatic deploy

Now we have an option to “Deploy to BlueMix” when we create a new project. BlueMix is a code name of IBM PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering, and currently it is open beta. The site is available at http://bluemix.net (the site will be redirected to BlueMix UI page). There is a good page to get started.


IBM has an initiative of having developers to developers community. Sometimes it is called dev2dev. Jazz products have such site (http://jazz.net) to open developers to developers community from the beginning. IBM extends this way to new emerging technologies. Here is a list of example sites:

https://www.ibmdw.net/watson –  For the development of applications, powered by IBM Watson.

https://www.ibmdw.net/wasdev – A location of finding Liberty Profile application developments.

https://www.ibmdw.net/streamsdev – For the development InfoSphere Streams.

https://www.ibmdw.net/social – A location to find how to build social applications.

IBM provides these dev2dev sites to assist developers for the adoption of new emerging technologies (www.ibmdw.net) , and place to develop applications (JazzHub),  and a place to test and run the applications (BlueMix).  These are connected. For example, sample codes of new emerging technologies can be downloaded from dev2dev sites. And development can be hosted at JazzHub. And these are deployed automatically to BlueMix.

So new JazzHub is not just about UI change, but a lot of things are happening inside !

By the way, the questions site related to JazzHub has been changed to IBM developerWorks micro site too.


I sometimes check this site. So I may be able to communicate with you (dev2dev) !

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