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Canary deployment for Bluemix application

In the last my blog, I experimented A/B testing for Bluemix application. This is useful to validate assumption. Suppose feature B was attractive. So I’d like to deploy only B.  However, how can we deploy the application with (near) zero … Continue reading

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A/B Testing for Bluemix application.

Some of you may heard about A/B testing. I believe this became famous when Obama Digital team produced campaign site. Simply stated, different web pages will be displayed on the same URL. This is useful to test the hypothesis which … Continue reading

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Create a static web site on IBM Bluemix

I have answered on developerWorks forum about how to create static web site server on IBM Bluemix. But I thought it should be mentioned on this blog too. Firstly, for users of Bluemix, there seems to have misconception that it … Continue reading

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