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IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk REST API

IBM recently announced event driven application execution environment called OpenWhisk. This is what we can find from the page. OpenWhisk provides a distributed compute service to execute application logic in response to events. Event driven programing are used for a … Continue reading

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Easy usage of Bluemix Object Storage service

IBM Bluemix evolution continues. Since last year (2015/Nov), Bluemix has been providing “Object Storage” service as beta. This service is built using OpenStack swift technology.  Most of people may not be aware of, but Bluemix is not only Cloud Foundry … Continue reading

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Using Splunk for IBM Bluemix syslog drain

One of the repeating voice of IBM Bluemix users are how to manage application logs. A while ago, I wrote a blog entry  to retrieve logs from IBM Bluemix using 3rd party logging service. However, some users may have concerns … Continue reading

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Start learning IBM Knowledge Anyhow Workbench

IBM’s jStart team presents coming emerging technology (or even predict so to speak). IBM Bluemix was one of them. Now, they offer iPython Notebook as emerging technology too. So it’s good to start learning it as there is a great … Continue reading

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Developing Node-RED application for Bluemix

Most of IBM Bluemix users probably knows about the existence of Node-RED starter in the boilerplate. Starter kit is supposed to be starting point of development of application using specific run-times. However, I rarely see the actual applications which uses … Continue reading

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Integrate Kiuwan static test services with IBM Bluemix DevOps Services

I’m located at Tokyo, but I sometimes collaborate beyond border to assist customers. I’m working with Smith Naik who has been managers of various IBM software at IBM labs, now works for various customers to provide best solutions for them. … Continue reading

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Download files from Bluemix using Cloud Foundry CLI plugin

I see several questions  in the Bluemix forum about the desire to download files of running applications. Cloud Foundry CLI provides “cf files” command to just to take a look at each file/folder, not entire files. There is easy way … Continue reading

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