Start learning IBM Knowledge Anyhow Workbench

IBM’s jStart team presents coming emerging technology (or even predict so to speak). IBM Bluemix was one of them. Now, they offer iPython Notebook as emerging technology too. So it’s good to start learning it as there is a great chance of business.

IBM offer two versions of iPython Notebook running environment on the Cloud. One is SaaS called IBM Knowledge Anyhow Workbench which runs on Softlayer.  And the other is PaaS – Apache Spark Starter which runs on IBM Bluemix. Since I’m beginner, I choose IBM Knowledge Anyhow Workbench to start learning.

It comes with several tutorials. For example, tutorial 2 will offer to analyze Winter Olympic games. If we run the tutorial, it analyze like “Which country won the medals ?”. By executing the tutorial, it gives me the following graph.

2015-08-25 13_03_47-IBM Knowledge Anyhow Workbench - 1

The result were Norway won most medals.

This tool offer to save the data on the cloud or read from external URL. So there is no need to have local environment at all. This workbench also have several tutorials like plot functions, calling IBM Cloud Services (e.g. IBM Cloudant service).

2015-08-25 13_32_35-IBM Knowledge Anyhow Workbench-2

Many developers are building software for innovations. But just like jStart team, I also believe innovation also comes from analyzing big data scientifically. IBM Knowledge Anyhow Workbench is a really good starting point to learn about the basics and start to create a new innovation.

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