Access to Cloud Foundry back-end services via tunnel over HTTP (alternative to vmc tunnel)

I recently read about blog post by Takeshi Morikawa on Chisel ( ). Chisel was originally developed by Jaime Pillora ( This software brings TCP tunnel over HTTP. Morikawa-san’s idea is to use this software to access back-end services on Cloud Foundry base PaaS, such as Cloudn or IBM Bluemix . Some of Cloud Foundry users may remember that there was “tunneling feature (vmc tunnel)” in Cloud Foundry V1. This allowed to connect to back-end services such as mysql, postgresql from client command line. Unfortunately, this feature was gone in Cloud Foundry V2.

Morikawa-san found out a way of similar functionality to us. “Connect to Service(PostgreSQL & MySQL) on Cloudn PaaS v2(CloudFoundry)” (written in Japanese)  .  This is excerpt of Morikawa-san’s blog on how to use Chisel for Cloud Foundry base PaaS. This example used “mysql” service available on Bluemix, but should be able to provide access to any services. I have to modify some of the sample code to be able to run Chisel, especially Go dependency did not work well on Bluemix, so I have worked around via old .godir method. Here is a procedure to deploy chisel application.

$ cf create-service mysql 100 amnt-mysql        # Create mysql service
$ git clone   # Clone Chisel application source code
$ cd chisel
$ mv Godeps /tmp
$ echo "" > .godir
$ cf push --no-start amnt-chisel                # no-start to bind service later
$ cf bind-service amnt-chisel amnt-mysql
$ cd start amnt-chisel

To make is easy to verify the chisel application, I have also deployed phpMyAdmin application so that I can create table from the GUI as a reference.

$ git clone
$ cd cf-ex-phpmyadmin
$ mv manifest.yml manifest.yml-original
$ cf push --no-start -m 256M -b amnt-phpmyadmin
$ cf push --no-start -m 256M amnt-phpmyadmin
$ cf bind-service amnt-phpmyadmin amnt-mysql
$ cf start amnt-phpmyadmin

I have created SAMPLE table shown in the attached screenshot. Please refer to the result of “SELECT * FROM SAMPLE” in the bottom of the screenshot. It has FRISTNAME, LASTNAME and EMAIL.

2015-04-07 11_40_22-myphpadmin

Connect to mysql service via “Chisel” application

A shell script called “” is provided to access to the service as a sample. I needed to supply application GUID (because I’m running go version of Cloud Foundry CLI). I have modified to supply my application GUID in “APP_GUID” environmental variable in the Now, I run the command.

Connect to mysql service via “Chisel” application. The application name is provided as an argument to “” script.

$ ./bin/ amnt-chisel
2015/04/07 17:34:36 client: Connecting to ws://

mysql >

Now, I see “mysql” prompt here. I queried the table which I created at phpMyAdmin application.

mysql> select * from SAMPLE;
| ID    | FIRSTNAME | LASTNAME | EMAIL          |
| 12345 | Takehiko  | Amano    | |
1 row in set (0.44 sec)

I was able to query the mysql services on Bluemix from my local client now !

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