I want RTC more faster !

When I need Jazz products, I go to jazz.net download site. Probably, most people experiences that the download is very slow. But I also guess that most people do not know that there is download tips in this site too.  Download tips.   The tips recommends to use download manager.

So how fast is it ?

When I try to download server code (1.7Gbyte) via browser,  it says it will take 10 hours and 30- minutes.


However, when I use the Free Download Manager, it just took 16 minutes.


The image is not clear without opening it.  This is a snippet of log file of this download.

14:59:22 2014/01/14 Starting download...
14:59:22 2014/01/14 Opening file on the disk...
14:59:22 2014/01/14 File already exists. Rename to "JTS-CCM-QM-RM-repo-4.0.5(1)..
15:15:21 2014/01/14 [Section 6] - Done
15:15:21 2014/01/14 Download complete

It started on 14:59 and finished 15:15 (about 16 minutes).

As a result, it was almost 40 x  faster then normal download via browser. ( 10.5 hours * 60 minutes / 16 minutes = 39.375) for this download.

If you are frustrated in the slow downloads from jazz.net, I recommend to use one of download managers.

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1 Response to I want RTC more faster !

  1. Alex Chalini says:

    Great advice 🙂 congratulations for the blog Amano-san

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