Integrate Kiuwan static test services with IBM Bluemix DevOps Services

I’m located at Tokyo, but I sometimes collaborate beyond border to assist customers. I’m working with Smith Naik who has been managers of various IBM software at IBM labs, now works for various customers to provide best solutions for them.

We were wondering how we can provide “static analysis” on the cloud using IBM Bluemix DevOps Services, and Smith found the vendor Kiuwan who provides the solution for it ( ) . Smith double checked with product manager of DevOps Services and it turned out that Kiuwan is on the list of IBM Cloud market place (i.e. our partner). So we have started to investigate.

This is preliminary blog entry how I verified the features of this integration. First of all, I choose this tutorial article because this is public, everybody can double check it. I have chosen to add “Build and Deploy” feature in “Add Git” step. After a while, build and deploy was ready to use in the project.

2015-05-19 14_56_40-initial status

I have modified “Build” stage to include Test job. The job will provide a text area to enter test script.

2015-05-19 14_57_32-add test

I have added the following texts ( I have just followed instruction found in GitHub ). I have changed the KIUWAN_APPLICATOIN_NAME, KIUWAN_USER and KIUWAN_PASSWORD parameters.

# invoke tests here

#Set parameters for Kiuwan Local Analyzer
export KIUWAN_APPLICATION_NAME="amntliberty"
export KIUWAN_USER="<my login at Kiuwan>"
export KIUWAN_PASSWORD="<my password at Kiuwan>"
export KIUWAN_TECHNOLOGIES_TO_ANALYZE="java,javascript"
export KIUWAN_EXCLUDE_PATTERNS="**/src/test/**,**/__MACOSX/**,**/*.min.js,**/*.Designer.vb,**/*Reference.vb,**/*Service.vb,**/*Silverlight.vb,**/*.Designer.cs,**/*Reference.cs,**/*Service.cs,**/*Silverlight.cs"

#Retrieve and execute the analysis with Kiuwan Local Analyzer
curl -L | bash

And then, save the configuration, and run it. I see the test log during the operation.

2015-05-19 15_23_24-test log

After the test end, The log gave a URL to view the test result. By opening the URL, I can see several test result of Kiuwan static analysis. Here is a result of our sample code.

2015-05-19 15_03_13-static test result

It indicated it has defects in Maintainability. What kind of error it was ? They were:

“Provide Javadoc comments for public methods.”

Yes, these are actually defects. 🙂   Looks like the sample code has less defects in the other area, security, portability, reliability, so on.  These are quite useful information.


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