Leverage Bluemix application on IBM DevOps Services dashboard

I noticed about technical article on how to leverage Bluemix application in WebSphere portal (https://developer.ibm.com/digexp/docs/docs/integration/websphere-portal-bluemix-integration/). This inspired me to add widget to access Bluemix application inside IBM DevOps Services dashboard.

IBM DevOps Services offers core application development lifecycle utilities, such as software configuration management, defect tracking, task management, build utilities and deployment to Bluemix. One of the capability is dashboard which powered by Rational Team Concert ( https://jazz.net/products/rational-team-concert/features/report ). This is very useful for Agile team who want to track and measure software development lifecycle. For example, it offers:

  • Burn-down chart to determine if the development is healthy or not.
  • Major defects to resolve as technical debt.
  • and much more.

This dashboard can call other site URL through “External Content” widget.

2014-10-30 13_43_03 external content

For example, I can add Bluemix documentation in the dashboard.

2014-10-30 13_59_34-dashboard with Bluemix app

Like this, IBM DevOps Services dashboard can be extended to include Bluemix application just like portal. I think there are several usage for it.

  • Hold project information website which cannot be expressed just with README.md file.
  • Fun pages like team’s photo and/or software demonstration video pages.
  • etc

If we remember about Scrum process, demonstration must be done at the end of iteration. My company’s team seems to record iteration demo as video so that even if stakeholders can not attend the session, they can watch the demonstration. So if we build very simple application to hold videos, we can embed this Bluemix application in the dashboard so that stakeholder not only able to monitor team’s process but also watch demonstrations to understand what features were implemented without leaving dashboard.

Since the simple web site probably requires minimal memory (say 64M), there will be less impact on the cost of project. Leveraging Bluemix application for software development can be useful to on IBM DevOps services, just like WebSphere portal is quite useful to aggregate information in a single page.

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