Using 3rd party log management service for Bluemix application

As I read forums on both Bluemix and Cloud Foundry, many developers seems to have concern about Bluemix application logs. Cloud Foundry have log collection component called “Loggregator “. But it has limitation on persistence.

To overcome the problem of persistence, Loggregator has a feature of  “Syslog Drains”, and Cloud Foundry community page has a documentation how to use third-party log management system for better persistence.

[Note: The image is copied from Loggregator GitHub page]


Here is a basic steps I tried using service from Logentries (

First of all, I created an account for this service. Immediately, after the account creation, I was able to try the service. I have selected “Manual Configuration”, and named the log as “Bluemix” based on the documentation in Cloud Foundry community page (

2014-08-12 11_46_44-hosts _ Logentries

After the configuration, I see the assigned port for my application. Then, I create so-called “User Provided Service” on Bluemix using “cf cups” command, and bind to sample application.

$ cf cups my-logs -l syslog://<port>
$ cf bind-service <my-application> my-logs

Now, I can see the logs of my application on Logentries site. This was very simple than I thought.

2014-08-12 11_54_29-hosts_ManualHost_Bluemix _ Logentries

The Cloud Foundry community page describe the following as 3rd party log management services.

Splunk Storm

I have not tried the rest, but I think they should be very simple to use.  Note that I have not running this service for days. It may have some potential limitation for Bluemix application, though.

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