IBM Bluemix challenge at far east

I have read “Engagement Analytic” recently introduced by IBM Emerging Technology team (so called jStart team).

IBM has been talking about engagement quite a lot, also talking about “Systems of Engagement”. Important aspect in doing business right now. It is emphasized about “Measure me by what I do, not what I say” in this article and blog post. Thinking about myself, I also have tendency to see what they do in stead of what they talk. For example, I sometimes check GitHub to see what they do or check to see what they are thinking right now. So overall, the KPIs defined by IBM team makes sense to me on measuring engagement (Activity/Reaction/Eminence/Network), and I think this is right direction.

IBM Japan is hosting a contest called “IBM Bluemix challenge”. Unfortunately, this content is only aimed for Japan residencies. But it may be worth to mention that Bluemix or Cloud Foundry growth is not just happening in USA, but also have great interest in far east.


(Image cited from: Bluemix challenge in Japan (in Japanese) )

The target is individual developers or groups, not company. Unlike the programing content where the code quality itself is target, this Bluxmix challenge is different in terms of how the program is evaluated. Followings are guideline (translated from Japanese to English).

  •  Use case or feature is unique and valuable
  •  Use of Bluemix services or 3rd party services so that the application is implemented as compact as possible
  •  IBM recommend to use of IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub) or GitHub. Great usage has advantage in the evaluation.

The last one is especially important to evaluate what they do (Activity). So we will not measure what they say, but what they do.

So I expects there are several public projects of this contest will be hosted in IBM DevOps Services.

See what they do at far east !

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