What’s so Xcited ?

I’ll be at XCITE 2014 Spring event held at Japan/Tokyo during May/21 – 22.


This event is quite different from past IBM events that all software brands are within a same place. IBM had 5 brands in 2003 when Rational was merged. They were, Lotus, WebSphere, Information Management, Tivoli and Rational. Each held each events focusing each solutions or products.

In XCITE 2014, the brand image no longer exists. The focuses are on Social, Mobile, Analytic, Cloud and Security (SMACS). In the past, IBM used to  say like “We are talking about WebSphere solution”, but now it’s like “We are talking about Mobile solution”. I think this is more natural for customers.

Ginni Rometty said on “Squawk on the Street”  that IBM is going to change. I feel the change, but this is not drastic change, but natual change. For example, in the past cloud things belonged to Tivoli brand, that was beyond the scope of my responsibility in the past. However, from around 2010, cloud things are merged naturally into my development lab even though I do not belong to Tivoli brand. So in addition to software development solution, I can talk about more on Cloud.

Also there is yet another good thing about this event that I can meet various customers. In the past, there were tendency that customer’s main role is developing software. This time, I’ll be able to talk to customers who is responsible for maintaining the system (operation side), business side (business process development), and working with their customer’s (social or marketing side).

Thinking about complete software development life cycle, the feedback about using software comes from end users (social), and then business group decide what kind of features are required in the company’s front end system, then the features goes to development and operation group to discuss priorities and delivery time. So this event is going to be good opportunity to hear about how total business users think about DevOps cycle.

I hope to get good feedback from various customer groups !


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