IBM DevOps services now have build capability (CI)

When I talk with developers, some asked me “How to build java project using Web Interface ?”.   Every time, I needed to explain like, “You have to build the Java project on build machine…”.  I felt like this is a huge gap between developers expectation and JazzHub capability. As the service name has changed to “IBM DevOps Services, it now has continuous integration and continuous delivery capability in “BUILD & DEPLOY” feature.

2014-04-24 11_06_44-Setup Pipeline

The feature was very simple to use. I just specify the command to use, and location of build script (root directory of the project).

However, it took me about 30 minutes to build and deploy the application. Why it took so much time ?

2014-04-24 build result

This is because, I forgot to push my changes to master branch. The “Build” feature downloads the artifact from master branch. So keep in mind that when you try to use this feature, commit and push the relevant files to the master repository. Then, everything has started to work correctly.

If the build succeeds, it pushes to cloud foundry base PaaS (in my case, BlueMix) for the deployment.

2014-04-24 deploy success

I think IBM DevOps Services has perfect position of developing software on the cloud and for the cloud !

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