Where is “Ops” – from the voice at Cloud Vision 2014 event.

I have attended Cloud Vision 2014 event at Tokyo held on April/16th. I was there to promote JazzHub and BlueMix to large variety of developers. Some may noticed that JazzHub is now called “IBM DevOps Services”.  The booth that I had demonstrated also had a title “DevOps”.


During the event, I frequently got a question “Why this is called DevOps ?  Where is “Ops” ? ”  I thought this is a good question. There are serious arguments around barriers between developers and operations. This term has began to spread among IT developers and operations how quickly produce value to customers at around 2009.

Let’s take a look at IBM definition of DevOps.

“DevOps is an enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that can enable organizations to seize market opportunities, respond more rapidly to customer feedback, and balance speed, cost, quality and risk.”

As this states, there is no word like “operations”, but rather have implications how fast they can produce value to customers. This is more important point in DevOps. Sometimes, we stick to the word like “Dev” and “Ops”. But the goal is more value oriented rather than how team can operate between developers and operations.

During the event, I explained like. “Using JazzHub, oh sorry IBM DevOps Services, you can deliver software much faster, even in minutes to testing environment so that the testing and operations team can quickly validate new values for the customer. This is key point of this IBM DevOps Services. If the testing is valid, you can even deploy to production systems”.

The key point is how we can transform business requirement into value as faster as possible. I think IBM DevOps Services along with BlueMix(codename) has this capability for most of IT organizations.

By the way, the name has changed from “JazzHub” to “IBM DevOps Services” during the event (day time in Japan).  Developers seems to have deployed the new version. Good things for me was that there was no trouble during the event except one. The only trouble was name change. 🙂


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