Add source codes into Jazz source control.

I have created a project and fed initial source code into JazzHub. I want to start coding but at the same time, I want to keep source code into safe place. JazzHub provides source control capability called Jazz SCM (Source Control Management). When I see Orion editor I see the button called “Check in”. When I click “Check in” button, it offers to enter comment, and submit button in the right hand side.

20140124-initial code checkin
When I click “Submit”, a progress message was shown. So what happened ? Select “Activities->Jazz SCM Changes”. I see the list of files (in this case entire folders/files) were shown.

20140124-initial code workspace changes

Jazz SCM requires two steps to manage source codes. That is “Check in” and “Deliver”. I clicked “Deliver” button in the right hand side.

20140124-deliver to stream

Let’s see why is that, why it requires two steps by example below.

Since this is initial codes, I need to tell Orion that this is Node application because I get errors in the editor.

20140124-error from jslint

So I need to modify two JavaScript files to enter the comment below.

100 | /*jslint node:true*/

This tells Orion that these files are Node application,  and let JSLint feature to ignore some statement errors. I saved two files, and again I click “Check in” button. Let’s see how it looks like now.

In the “Workspace Changes”, I see two files as expected because I just modified two files.

20140124-workspace changes

If I click one of the files, it opens compare feature. The changes I made is color highlighted.

20140124-show diff

I can select “side by side” compare.

20140124-diff side by side

After I confirmed that the changes I made is correct, then I deliver to so called “Stream”. I’m really ready to add new features to codes.

Remember that I needed two operations, “Check in” and “Deliver” ?

Normally check in means the codes are kept in source control system directly, then the codes are immediately visible to other developers. Suppose I have made significant errors in the codes, my code may break test or even build. Jazz SCM “Check in” feature allows us a chance to review the code I have made. If I’m confident that the changes I made is correct, then I can deliver to the stream. This is somewhat similar to Git. In Git, developers check in source codes by “git commit”. This is all local to the developer. The developer needs to “push” to integrate to master Git repository. In another word, Git is also two steps.  Likewise, Jazz SCM also offers two operations.

There are good feature in the “Workspace”. I can suspend to deliver to stream, or even discard which I have made. If I made significant mistake, I can revered to original status.

Wait, what “Workspace”, “Stream” are all about ?  I’ll explorer these in my blog later.

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1 Response to Add source codes into Jazz source control.

  1. Mike Casile says:

    2 stage check-in is key when doing team development … it’s also good to have controls on delivery (ie: you can check in what you want, run personal builds, patch/provision environments, etc … but to deliver means you are impacting the world, so requiring reference to a personal build or some due diligence is a good thing before delivery. I have walked in too many days and seen dev teams functionally sitting on their thumbs because somebody “broke the build”.

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