Start coding on JazzHub.

I have created an project on JazzHub. But how do I start coding ? I can start coding from scratch. However, JuzzHub Orion offers several ways to import source codes. It supports copy from HTTP server, SFTP server, and local files.

I think the easiest way is just drag and drop the folder which I want to start coding.

20140121-import files

This code comes from another project called “Facebook Search Analyzer (Node)” hosted on JazzHub. This project is managed by jStart team.

The project already had file. As a result, When I select the folder (facebook-search), contents is shown in the right hand side of pane.

20140121-after the copy

Let’s see yet another feature of JazzHub Orion.

Orion editor has source code outline view mode. To switch to outline view, open one of the file (in my case ‘facebook.js’), and then select menu “Source outline” from “View”(20140121-outline).

When I selected authenticate(), then editor pane was opened and it highlighted the function in bold.

20140121-source outline

We can go back to the project via “Project” menu in “View”.

20140121-select project to go back

Now, I’m ready for the coding new features in this “facebook-search” application. But wait, I also want manage the codes in source control system so that original and my code changes are kept in safe. How do I do that ?

I’ll explorer Jazz Source Control Management (SCM) feature in the subsequent topics.

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