Create a project in JazzHub to start coding.

In this post, I’ll explorer how to create a project in JazzHub. Unlike the standalone Orion code editor on local PC, we need a project in JazzHub to start coding. If you do not have an account, register to the site. To create an project in JazzHub, press “Create Project” button (not this one, but on JazzHub !).

20140120-create project button

The project name start with ‘<login> |’. This enables us to create a project name that we wish without possible conflict with others. I have select ‘Scrum’ as an option. And set other option as default. You may wish to make the project private so that others can not see your project progress. If you already have GitHub project, you may want to specify it here (we can add it later).

20140120-create project dialog

After a few minutes, the project was created and UI was shown similar to this screen short.

20140120-project creation succeed

I clicked the “Code” menu in the top of the browser to start coding in this project. Since this is new project, the folder is almost empty (except project.json file). The project.json file is associated with Orion editor. This file can be ignored for now.

20140120-editor page

Some simple project information is available, such as “Jazz”. Let’s ignore this one too for now.

When I select ‘New’ icon, I see that menu is different from standalone Orion editor.

20140120-create readme

Especially, I see “Create Readme’. I selected this menu, then it creates file on the local folder. JazzHub Orion editor supports so called “markdown” files (described in Orion 4.0 M2 – New and Noteworthy).

I’d like to explorer feature differences between JazzHub orion editor, and standalone in the subsequent topics on this blog. I may explorer what markdowns are supported in this blog, But if you are in a hurry to learn about markdowns syntax refer to this page to learn about markdowns.

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