Create a project in Orion editor.

In the last blog entry, I explored how to install and run Orion editor (Node version). Let’s explorer the features of Orion editor. In this entry, I have tried to create a new project and get ready for editing some codes. Since this is new project, I specified empty workspace as argument to run Orion application.

C:\Orion>node node_modules\orion\server.js -workspace c:\Workspaces\newproject
Using workspace: c:\Workspaces\newproject
Listening on port 8081...

In the Orion editor left hand side pane, there are 3 icons. Each icons are explained in the following table.

 20140116-add  “New” menu : creates a new folder / new file or new project.
 20140116-modify  “Action” menu: Modify the folders/files structure (rename, move, copy or delete).
 20140116-manage  “Navigation” menu. Switch editor, search capability and shell. Shell is behaves like UNIX shell, but capability is limited to such as “cd” “pwd”. In JazzHub, the menu name is changed to “Activities”.

Anyway, let’s create a project called “”.

From the “New” 2014-01-16 create new projectmenu, select “New Project” -> “Create a basic project”, and then click the menu.

Put the name “”, and then submit to create a new project.

2014-01-16 create project

2014-01-16 project.json

This operation also create a file called “project.json”. This file is a container of project information. If we click “” folder, the project information is shown in the right hand side pane.

It is likely that we already have some code prototype in local PC. Copy the local folders/files into workspace location specified to run the Orion editor. In my case, I copied the files to “c:\Workspaces\newproject” folder.

Note to JazzHub user: You can drag and drop folder structures like this screenshot (depends on Browser support for it). Node version of Orion editor lack this feature…

2014-01-16 copy folder to project

Now, we are ready for the coding !  In the next blog topic, I’ll explorer editor feature.

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